Moonshot Voyage: Open Beta Guide

SafeMoon Inu
3 min readJan 12, 2022



Test timing: 12–15 January (starts/ends around evening hours CET time)


-Download Enjin Wallet (

-Import your wallet in the Enjin Wallet app or create a new one

-Download the game client (link will be sent on Wednesday 12.01.2022, evening hours CET time, keep an eye out for announcements in TG and Discord)

-Unpack the game client to a new folder and run MoonshotVoyage.exe (or the Mac equivalent) -Register a new game account in the game client (requirements: Username – 4+ length, Password – 8+ length)

-Log In to the game, after connecting you will see a Linking Code in form of a text and QR code.

-Link your Enjin Wallet to your game account:

  • Open Enjin Wallet
  • Go to “Linked Projects”
  • Scan the QR code or type in the Linking Code
  • Confirm by typing in your Enjin Wallet password
  • Re-log into the game by pressing the refresh button (bottom left side of the game screen)
  • Your account is set and successfully linked!

-If you lose your password, please contact @leonyon on Telegram or send an email to with your details and “MV PASSWORD RESET – (YOUR NICKNAME)” as title to reset your password

How To Get NFTs

-You will receive Moonscrap by playing the game (Raid and Expedition modes)

-After logging into the game and connecting your account, press the Moonstore button in the middle of the screen, above the Start Game button

-Press “Mint NFT” button

-Press “Use 100 Moonscrap” button to Mint NFT using 100 Moonscrap

-You should receive your rewards shortly

Note: it can take several minutes to mint your NFT if the game server is busy with a lot of requests. Feel free to press the button and leave the store screen, your NFT will still get queued and minted anyway.


Check your wallet once in a while to see if the NFT got minted. In a case of a transaction fail/rejection, your Moonscrap will be refunded.

How To Play

-After logging into the game and connecting your account, choose your Squad by clicking on the characters and guns you want to have in your squad

-Press Start Game button to go into the Level Select screen

-You can select 1 of 2 game modes – Raid or Expedition:

-Raid is a complete level that ends with a boss, you can play Raid once a day and it gives you 100 Moonscrap upon completion (100 Moonscrap = 1 NFT Mint)

-Expedition is a repeatable Tower Defense mode which you can play forever to farm Moonscrap. Defeat endless waves of enemies to gain more Moonscrap and place higher on the leaderboards! Enemies get stronger with every wave.


-Get through the level and defeat the boss to get 100 Moonscrap. -Can only complete once a day.


-Defend your portal from endless waves of enemies and place towers to help you.

-Defeating enemies gives you Dust, which can be used to buy and upgrade towers. -Expedition ends after your Squad dies or too many enemies go into your portal. You get more Moonscrap the longer you last

Default Controls:

W,A,S,D – Move

1,2,3 – Change Character

Left Shift – Dash

Space – Jump

ESC – Pause

O – Building Screen (Expedition)

F – Interact

Left Mouse Button – Shoot/Upgrade tower (expedition)

Founder Information

Founders will get their rewards minted and granted to their accounts slightly before the beta goes live. Please refrain from transferring your Founder Tokens during the day of the beta test.

If you have any questions or problems with Moonshot Voyage, please contact @leonyon on Telegram or send an email to

Thank you for participating in the Beta.


Lead Game Developer SMI Play